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When you are a student, life can start to get a bit rough. Suddenly you’re responsible for expenses and bills begin to pile up.

Whether you knew it or not, housing, transportation, insurance, gas, food, classes and books sometimes cost more money than you have. All those expenses can become overwhelming. Unfortunately, your student loans won’t always pay for everything.

Fortunately, there are several lucrative part-time jobs available. In this economy, employers are downsizing, and are more willing to offer part-time positions now rather than employ someone full-time. To find a job that suits your schedule and needs as a full-time or part-time student, consider a night job. Working the second or third shift has many advantages, such as pay differential, flexible hours, alone time, and a foot in the door to a great employer.

So, where do you begin to find part time night jobs for students?

That’s easy! Even if you don’t have a computer with Internet access, you can always take advantage of a school computer to seek out wonderful night shift jobs for students that can help you earn extra money for school and have some cash for the weekends.

Of course, first, check with your college career centre. Your school has many relationships with employers who are ready and willing to accept college students as employees.

There are a lot of online job boards, however, keep away from the big players because there are too many applicants competing for the same job. Instead, use niche job boards that are industry or region-specific. You will have a better chance of being noticed. The timings are flexible, and students can find a lot of time to study during a job. Library employment includes work such as handling and keeping books, keeping records of books in the library database, etc.2. Online Jobs: There are significant online jobs available for students where they need to dedicate a few hours daily. Online jobs such as data entry are quite popular as you need not visit any office and can work from your home. You can submit your work daily or on a weekly basis. These jobs are quite easy, and you just require good knowledge of the internet and MS Office.3. Writing Jobs: If you have a flavour of writing and want to make a career in it then writing jobs are available in abundance for you. Employers ask you to write some articles and newsletters daily. You will be given some topics on which you have to write and submit the work anytime in a day. The salaries and incentives are quite good at writing jobs, and you can earn based on the number of articles your write per day.4. Restaurant and Hotel Jobs: It is one of the hottest industries that provides part-time employment for students. The students who want to pursue their career in the hospitality sector can find ample opportunities through these jobs. These eating outlets provide meals along with salaries and other perks.5. Assisting Jobs: You can work as an assistant to lawyers, doctor’s, and CA’s as per your degree demands. While assisting these certified professionals you can implement the theories that you study during your college time. It provides good exposure to you about the industry in which you are willing to make a career. Along with the handsome salaries, you can learn the technicalities of the job that you are seeking in the future.

Remember, school is priority, but money is a necessity to keep everything on track.

HOVAapp is to hire professionals for hospitality business.

The HOVAapp offers a free service of helping hospitality business owners find and hire professionals. Employees under the HOVAapp include Chefs, Kitchen aides, Baristas, Waiters, Bartenders, and Housekeepers.

The app exposes business owners to the user profiles of hospitality professionals which amplifies their strengths and traits. Some user traits you can find are:• Skillset• Availability• Rate Per hour• Score ratings of the worker• Filter to find the top-rated professionals

The app lets employers rate workers out of 5 stars at the end of the shift. The app is one way to create employment for free, hospitality workers can set up their profiles at no cost. Trade certificates and work documentation may be attached to enhance chances of getting hired.

The app chops down the hassle of bargaining to and fro about availability and wages. Workers just have to indicate their availability on a live custom calendar, showing when they are available to work, and for what rate.

A meagre booking fee of $4.95 per booking, per day, per venueis all there is to pay by the worker.

Workers also have the option to businesses out of 5 Stars after shifts.

The HOVAapp is a brilliant option for business owners to hire highly rated, qualified hospitality professionals just when they are needed.

The app is available on the Apple iStore and Android play store. To start working immediately.

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