How To Start Your Journey As A Contractor / Freelancer in Hospitality

It’s 2021 and the gig economy has taken over. These days, one in ten aussies works on a freelancing basis. And in the hospitality industry, that number is going up. In fact, becoming a hospitality contractor is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and fulfilling gigs out there.


So if you’re the type of person who likes a little variety and a lot of independence in their work, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about becoming a freelancer in the hospitality industry.

The Benefits of Being A Hospitality Contractor

Whether you’re already working in the hospitality industry or not, there are plenty of reasons to consider becoming a contractor. Here are just a few:

Keep It Fresh

Routine is nice but eventually the same thing day in and day out can become stale and uninteresting. But when you’re a hospitality contractor, you never have to be bored!


As a contractor, you can take on different roles every time you clock in, from bartending to manning the phones at reception. That means you can try out new positions and learn new skills whenever you want. If you’re looking to switch up your daily routine and meet lots of new people, becoming a hospitality contractor is perfect for you.

New Scenery

If you get sick of looking at the same scenery everyday, try freelancing. There are work opportunities at different venues all across the country, depending on where you live or where you travel. It’s perfect for people who want a little extra flexibility in their work. Even if you stay in one place, you can switch up the venues you work around town at so things never get boring.

Tax Breaks

If you’ve got your eye on the bottom line, it’s important to know that hospitality contractors get special tax write offs on different expenses, like tools and transportation. Some things that can count as tax write offs for hospitality contractors are:

  • Clothing (including footwear)
  • Repairs to tools and equipment
  • Travel expenses
  • Union and professional memberships
  • And more!

Just remember to always keep your receipts and proof of purchase when you want to claim a deduction.

You Make The Rules

If you’re the kind of person who likes to be the boss of their own life, hospitality freelancing is perfect for you. At the end of the day, you’re self-employed as a contractor. You decide what work opportunities you take, which shifts you work, and how long you stay with a venue. You call all the shots.

What You Need To Start Freelancing in Hospitality

Ready to start your exciting new career as a hospitality contractor? There’s countless work opportunities waiting for you. But first there are a few things you’ll need to get together. Here’s what you need to start freelancing:

ABN Number

As a contractor, you’re technically a one-person business. That’s why you need to get your unique 11 digit code from the government that identifies you as such. Registering to get an Australian business number (ABN) is completely free. Just make sure to check that you have everything you need before you begin your application, including proof of your identity and tax file number (TFN). When you’re ready to register, you can use the Business Registration Service website to do it all online.

Invoice Program

As a hospitality contractor, you need to keep track of your own hours and fees so you can provide invoices to clients. Luckily, there are lots of great apps and softwares that make it easy to track expenses, record your income, and send out invoices. Some popular ones are:

  • Invoice2go: Invoice2go is an affordable invoice payment that is easy to navigate for users of all skill levels. They also have different subscription levels, depending on how many invoices you want to send out. It’s not a full-service accounting software, but it’s great for invoicing.
  • Xero: If you’re looking for software to do your invoices and accounting, then Xero is a great option. It can help you keep track of invoices, quotes, bills and expenses. They’re always adding new features, too.
  • Wave: Wave was designed for freelancers, so you know it will be easy to use and have everything you need as a hospitality contractor. This will streamline your bookkeeping by tracking accounting, invoicing, billing, payment tracking, finance management, and more.

Public liability insurance

As a hospitality contractor, you’ll need self-employed public liability insurance. If anything happens while you’re working, you’ll be covered. This includes damage to property, tools, or equipment as well as accidental harm to other workers or guests. Depending on your policy, your insurance will also cover any legal fees in a liability claim. There are plenty of insurance companies to choose from, like Allianz and CGU.

The 7 Keys To Success of Hospitality Freelancing

Ready to start your exciting career as a hospitality contractor with countless work opportunities? Here are 7 things to remember as you start your new journey:

  • Take Initiative: As a freelancer, your name is your brand. If you take initiative and always do your best, your brand and business will grow.
  • Have Integrity: As a freelancer, being trustworthy and reliable is key. Hiring managers are taking a chance on you when they’re in a pinch, so make sure to do your best to live up to their expectations and have integrity in everything you do.
  • Deliver Results: When you deliver results as a hospitality contractor, you’ll see the direct rewards of your hard work. The better you do, the more in-demand you’ll be and the higher you can set your rates.
  • Communicate Well: As a hospitality contractor you’ll be thrown into a lot of new situations. The key to success is communicating with managers and other workers so you stay on top of everything you need to know.
  • Be Adaptable: Every work opportunity will have different personalities, expectations, and clients to take into account. Be ready to adapt to every new situation.
  • No Drama: Since you’re not a long-term worker, it can sometimes be easy to get sucked into or even cause workplace drama. But for your professional reputation, it’s better to stay out of things like that. You don’t want to lose jobs because someone thinks you’re a gossip.
  • Be Passionate: When you’re passionate about your work, it shows in the quality of the work you do. And since you’re your own boss, you get all the benefits of that, including more work offers, higher rates, and better tips.

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