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As of now, there are 3.1 million Australians working as freelancers or some form of on-request work. 38% of this these people are millennial, that is people that were born between 1982 and 2004. The question then is what has made the workers in this millennial the freelance lifestyle? It is because they would prefer to work for a company with flexible working conditions and lifestyle over that with high pay.

They want to be in total control of their career life, they also want their career goals to be in sync with that of the company they work for. These traits reflect their core goals, beliefs, and values.

These companies need to urgently harness these Millennials by the using a quality staffing Services Company so as to ensure their needs is in sync with the best interest of company especially now that work flexibility has become a hot topic in the workplace.

“It’s not hard to see how large the trades and construction industry is in Australia. Major cities are developing at an incredible rate and construction jobs are everywhere”.

Freelance companies in a way do free job advertising where you do not need to pay them before you start working. There are many companies that focus on freelance services such as Fiverr, Upwork, Uber,Visually, HourlyNerd, Work Market, Wonolo, and OnForce & HOVAapp (hospitality workers).

The rate of increase in the use and investment in freelance services is encouraging and this industry will be kept afloat for a very long time for two main reasons which are money and time.

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